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Drones4You was created by Thiago Kraus.


Thiago Kraus is an investor and owner of several companies. Thiago bought his first Cinestar in late 2011 and immediately had many problems and none of them were solved by the dealer. This situation obliged him to do some videos in the YouTube Chanel and very fast they became a world reference for those who need some help with the Cinestar.

After many disappointments and studding the Multirotor Market for  Professional  Aerial and Video Platforms for several months, Thiago started a company called Drones4You, looking for all the needs the customers DESERVE when making a big investment in a Professional Multirotor.

We are always looking for new technologies and partnerships worldwide to develop a whole new market for the Multirotor Industry!

Our MAIN GOAL is very simple, give each customer the exact machine needed! Explaining, teaching and giving all the support, before, during and after the purchase.